postcard Montage Swansea

Images of old Swansea

As Swansea has evolved, images of its older face are often difficult to accurately determine and view in context and it is for this reason that I have created this website, not as a piece of historical research, more for people to simply enjoy the images. The important message here is that the site is a visual exercise – a picture is worth a thousand words!

The visitor will find some formal menus above, but you are advised to use the search facility and tags on the right to move quickly more quickly around the site.

I do hope you enjoy your visit and would welcome any comments you care to offer.

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2 comments on “Images of old Swansea

  1. Very interesting and useful. Great, thanks.
    Presently AVRS are looking for detailsof an early Swansea Street Tram we rescued recently from the Black Mountain. Timber appears to be of American origin and it is possible that it is one of the 10 horse trams from 1880 or thereabouts, so if anyone out there has any specific knowledge relating to these 2 axle units, with 8 horizontally opening toplights (opened with a single winding handle on each side, with metal torpedo type vents atop them) above 4 windows on a 17′ main body frame, not including the rounded front and rear ends, or the spiral staircase(s). Some apparently strengthened to take passengers on the upper deck.
    We are ‘crowdfunding’ the tram to be refurbished on Indiegogo at present, so please feel welcome to donate to help refurbish it, or at least spread the word on social media to your friends, please. Yours, Mike.

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