The slip bridge in the snow

Swansea’s Bridges

One comment on “Swansea’s Bridges

  1. I grew up in mariner st swansea .and the changes I’ve seen swansea council make have not been for the best. They,’ve made such a mess of it . Nothing they do now can put it right.they should have left the old buildings there and done them up I remember high st as all shops right the way down through to Oxford st . Then came the quadrant and killed off all the shops from high st down to Oxford st. Why couldn’t we have been unique.The one town without a quadrant.people would have wanted to come here to shop there would have been more for them to see .But instead we ‘re the same as every other town now so they don’t need to come here as they ‘ve seen it all before exactly where they live .unless they can wave a magic wand and put this town back as it was and just tidied up .They are throwing money down a bottomless pit .they could still have had the fancy cafes and shops .and still have been unique.

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