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Bridge Street area (renamed Fabian Way)


Bridge Street Swansea named because of its proximity to a series of river bridges connecting St Thomas with the main town, used to be a very busy collection of modes of transport. The bridge was initially a swing mechanism carrying both road and tram traffic with gates to block traffic, this was later replaced by a straightforward road bridge. the high level railway bridge immediately adjacent was at the same time removed.

Toady it is a light and open crossing, in times past it was dirty and bustling with foot and road traffic.

One comment on “Bridge Street area (renamed Fabian Way)

  1. Passenger traffic ceased, and the Midland Railway Station closed 25th.Sep.1950, During the 1980s, when I drove the bus route No.27. to and from Port Tennant, the area around the station, Fabian Way, Pentreguinea Rd, Kings Rd, was still reffered to as, ‘The Midland’.

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