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Swansea as a town has radically changed especially since the Victorian era, and in particular after a Board of Health revue of 1852 after which they undertook a slum-clearance programme which saw many narrow original streets and buildings replaced with larger examples created in a much more elaborate and Gothic style.The 1940’s saw Swansea decimated by wartime damage and the next decade brought a radical road layout change with redevelopments in a much simpler post-war modernist style.

In the immediate post-war period some 40 acres of the Town Centre were reconstructed, streets re-routed and the commercial heart of the town relocated from the High Street area towards Oxford Street and the revamped Market.Such radical changes has resulted in the possession of varying perspectives and recollections, particularly with regard to the more senior among us. As the urban structure changed radically, images of the older town are often difficult to accurately position and view in context and it is for this reason for this website.

This Website is not a piece of historical research the important message here is that a picture is worth a thousand words!

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