Railway Viaduct at Landore in Swansea

Industrial Heritage

The lower Swansea Valley earned the dubious accolade of being the greatest area of industrial dereliction in Western Europe, Swansea’s industrial past had taken its toll with derelict buildings and a decimated and poisoned landscape.

The early 1960’s saw a turning-point when there were a number of adventurous environmental initiatives that have given us the greener and greater Swansea we are fortunate to experience today.

One comment on “Industrial Heritage

  1. My dad worked in Steward and Loydds steelworks for approx 35 yrs.I remember every picture very well. But Swansea is more beautiful today although the old times of seeing workers coming home for tea with regards to my Father working three shifts! I must be truthful that when the works closed down he was offered a job in Northhampton he began to consider it no work anywhere at that time for him… Fortunately we managed to go to Mumbles instead then Australia, many thanks for the old time memories just the same!

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