Swansea Bay Railway Insignia

Railway links

imageA number of companies have operated rail links in and around the town.

The Great Western Railway company linking the town with London, The London Midland and Scottish Railway – LMS around the Docks and of course the Mumbles electric railway which held the honour of being the worlds first fare-paying passenger railway having started with horse-drawn carriages before the advent of Steam-power. The Mumbles railway ran between 1804 and 1960.

6 comments on “Railway links

  1. Swansea boasted having the most railway terminals than any other town/city outside of London. This will test everyone’s industrial heritage knowledge! Try naming the companies.

  2. The locomotive in the picture above is a Beyer Garrett articulated locomotive. What is one of these doing in the lower Swansea Valley?

    • Well I will answer my own question. This loco was owned by the Hafod Copper Works- the Vivians. It was the first Beyer Garratt to be operated in UK – before the the LNER and LMS bought theirs. Another first for Swansea

  3. I remember riding the train bach from Swansea to Carmarthen, with my father, in the eary 50’s. It followed the Oystermouth road as far as Blackpill, then branched of to the right along a route that passed close to Killay, and is now a pleasant walk and cycle track.
    I seem to remember the train had two exterior tanks, hanging like steel saddles, on the back of a black iron horse, it seemed too small to pull all those carriages full of people.
    I was reminded of it many years later when I would read the story to my grandson of the little train that would say to itself, ” I know I can, I know I can”, as it did a similar challenge.
    When we arrived in Carmarthen my father led me to the town centre, and pointed up to the statue of a man on a horse and said,” that man is one of your relations, his name is General Picton”. Then he bought me an ice-cream, (my father not General Picton), and told me to sit by the statue and enjoy my ice-cream, and off he went to the pub.
    I was about six and did as I was told and waited until my father returned.
    Dew, he had a row when I told my Mother that evening when we got back home to Ynysforgan.

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